Software implementation and Business Process Re-engineering impact the “way things are done”; the existing paradigm of organizations. Whether a new software solution is implemented in a Western European Accountancy firm or in the City District Government Lahore, Punjab, the resistance to change is the greatest threat to the successes of the project.

AOS works closely with its clients advising them on change management strategies. The Revenue Department, City District Government of Punjab saw the 540 year old rent seeking culture of its field staff as the greatest impediment to change. AOS saw the broken down old system as an opportunity. AOS helped CDGL develop a vision for the future, and then through seminars, workshops, training sessions, and frequent interactions with the field staff helped CDGL implement the vision. The result—notoriously in-efficient village accountants “Patwaris” became the greatest supporters of the program.

Here's the change management model that we follow at AOS: