HCMS is a web based state of the art patient portfolio management system which is able to track their patients’ medical history. This system facilitates the center to retrieve, update, and report the patient information efficiently, in turn helping the doctors make timely, effective diagnoses. At the same time, the healthcare organization can utilize this system to monitor their medical and financial management effectively. The system is able to combat the challenges of the 21st century.

The system is comprised of expertly engineered and integrated modules that facilitates the doctors and other staff to look after:

• Appointment scheduling
• Patient histories
• Outpatient management
• Lab reports & diagnostics
• Pharmacy
• Etc.

The software offers the below advantages:

• Graphically Rich – The system is developed with a major focus on the aesthetics & look and feel
• Easy to Use – The users can learn the system without major difficulties
• Centralized – The system has a centralized server connected to remote clients
• Customizable – The system offers the option of customization based on the client’s requirements
• Accuracy – The processes run accurately as expected without compromising quality
• Auto Diagnosis – The system facilitates in automatically diagnosing a particular disease based on the provided input/symptoms

Here's how the system looks liks: