Accountancy Outsourcing Services Ltd. (formerly Ascot Drummond Pakistan [Pvt.] Ltd.) was set up in 1998 as a subsidiary of Accountancy work from the UK front-offices was outsourced to the subsidiary, or back-office in Lahore, Pakistan.

Having thus worked in the British system for these years, we have fully developed expertise to provide all-round accountancy solutions to British businesses. After the burst of the internet bubble in 2000 and slowing down of international markets we reorganized our company as a back-office provider, thus specializing in giving you that essential breathing space to focus on other business areas.

In addition to accounting services, we also deliver in-house software and quality assurance outfits that specialize in configuring business processes to integrate our systems with yours.

The emphasis of the training effort has been on new hiring. Each batch of accountants/data entry personnel is trained in the following areas:

General Training
  • The AOS Process: Information/document flow through the company
  • IT environment in the company: The filing structure, servers, use of Internet etc.
  • Client sites: Content, structure and links
  • Search tools available to accountants for their day-to-day work
  • SAGE/TAS accounting software
  • Communication Skills
Accountancy Training

Some of the more notable training workshops that we have conducted are listed below:

  • Value Added Tax
  • Corporation Tax
  • Personal Tax taxation

These workshops were intermediate level workshops whereby accountants were introduced to most relevant areas of the topics. These workshops will be followed by further advanced level training. The company remains adapted to tailoring its training programs to our clients` needs.

We follow Universal Modeling Language (UML) for the design and documentation of software applications. Client/Server Architecture, Object Oriented Programming Environment, Web Applications and Relational databases are our domains. We always try to keep pace with the rapidly changing technology world. We are constantly exploring and evaluating new and cutting edge technologies and tools to deliver solutions that are current with the changes and evolution of delivery mechanisms and business processes.