AOS is the premier provider of the e-commerce and web based solutions. The e-Commerce web sites and have been conceived and designed by AOS. The Ascot Drummond business model revolutionized the way the accountancy industry interacts with its clients and delivers its services. This was done after meticulous research and understanding of the client processes.

Successful Software development and maintenance requires knowledge and skills in many areas. These include planning, analysis, design, implementation, promotion, and innovation. Our web team consists of creative and technical professionals who specialize in web development. At AOS, the focus is on the content and substance of the website as much as the design. Our team possesses a unique consulting approach that allows us to bring new ideas to our clients.

  • Web Accountancy Services
  • The Company conceived, developed and deployed the first web accountancy product in the world ( ).

  • Online Document tracking system
  • In collaboration with an innovative UK firm, Apalone (, has developed and deployed a complex document management and company secretarial system for the European markets (details at )

  • City District Government Lahore Web Portal
  • A completely dynamic web portal

  • Capital City Police Lahore Web Portal
  • A completely dynamic web portal

  • DHA Peshawar Website
  • Designed & developed a website for DHA Peshawar